Grid Opener Guidelines

The grid opener has lots of options, and is highly dependent on its art. Unlike the other opener types, it’s possible to choose bad combinations, so use the following guidance to help avoid common pitfalls:

The Opener Production Checklist

Here’s what to check for when building a grid opener.

Page Performance:


Mobile/desktop Layout:

Light/dark Mode:


What Each Option Does

Default Image:

Desktop Image:

Default Video:

Desktop Video:

Align: Controls the horizontal text alignment.

Vertical Align: Controls the vertical text alignment. Has no effect on mobile.

Background Color: Force a background color on the opener. It will be the same color on light/dark mode.

Textbox Color: Puts the opener text inside a colored box.

Text Color: Force a color on the text. It will stay the same across light/dark mode.

Art Start: Where the art’s left edge is.

Art Width: How wide the art is.

Text Start:

Text Width:

Art Inset:

Art Scrim:

Include Dek and Include Byline: